Werner Robert Bezwoda - Medical Oncologist (South Africa)

Dr. Bezwoda is practicing medical oncologist with more than 40 years experience 

Is considered one of the top South  African sub-specialist in cancer treatment, with a strong focus on hematological cancers (Leukemia and Lymphoma), breast cancer, female reproductive system, as well as others.

Dr.  Bezwoda occasionally lectures to medical practitioners, academics.

Dr. Bezwoda currently runs his private medical oncology clinic in Rosebank, Johannesburg offers care to many patients, both South African, African, and those from further afield.


Dr. Bezwoda is the co-owner/founder of Elixidyne telemedicine Group with direct oversight and operational responsibility of the Teleoncology unit - rendering teleconsulting to caregivers and their patients in and around the African continent.