Raz Cohen - Healthcare entrepreneur (Israel - South Africa)

Raz has been involved in the South African healthcare industry for the past 10 years (prior to which he was in corporate finance/project finance and Investor relations/marketing)

Raz is the founder/co-founder of numerous healthcare initiatives, including manufacturing of Point of Care diagnostics (urine chemistry, LFIA) - Lifeassay, importer/distributor of medical equipment/diagnostics/ethicals into SA and other African countries -Rapidtech/Discovery

and of recent a co-founder/partner of the Elixidyne Telemedicine Group (offering a range of telemedicine consulting services including oncology, cardiology,  obstetrics amongst others specialties.  Another project currently being developed/deployed (Lifeassay) is manufacturing operation for disposable collection devices (vacuum tubes) and manufacturing operation of new diagnostic platform (micro-fluidic/paper based) for POC tests.

Also involved in support of mobile healthcare application for preventative primary healthcare initiative/projects, advisor to numerous (south African) companies in biotechnology (lab chemistry tools/reagents) and Environmental monitoring (radioactive materials).

Raz is a native of Rishon le Zion, living in Johannesburg for the past 30 years