Pink of View is a startup company dedicated to improving women's health. We are developing a personalized risk indicator for breast cancer, the chances of a woman to develop breast cancer within a few years based on her own lifestyle and demographic parameters.


Your Input Can Save Lives

The indicator is calculated by using advance technology on data collected from thousands of women. Every input from every woman improve the precision of our tool and every answer is valuable to understand better the influence of factors on the chances for breast cancer. You will join a community of women who is actively promoting women's health!


Who is Eligible for Participation in the Survey

The survey is for women with breast cancer or recovering from breast cancer. It is important to answer the questions in retrospective, what was your lifestyle before the diagnosis of breast cancer. For example, if we ask for your profession- we refer to your profession at the time of diagnosis and not your current profession.


We Protect Your Privacy and Anonymity


The survey should take 5 minutes and your responses are completely anonymous. You can take this survey only once and since it is anonymous, deidentified and untraceable you won't be able to retrieve for re-editing after submission. For more information about our privacy policy please visit our Terms and Conditions here.

Pink of View personalized risk assessment tools will empower women to better manage their health, help early detection and save lives.

We thank you for taking the time, your information will help us make our tool the future healthcare standard for all grandmothers, mothers, and daughters.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact [email protected]