Eléa Forget

After several french intern experience, in sales, marketing and business development, in various sectors (luxury, sporting event, high tech startup) and before starting her Master cycle at EDC Paris Business School, Eléa had the opportunity to apprehend international business on both the academic and professional levels. 

The objective of this year is to acquire the required international experience by following a study abroad program in one of EDC Business School partner universities and by doing an internship in a foreign enterprise - symbol of open - mindedness and the ability to blend in other cultures and to assimilate different learning methods. 

Eléa decided to come to Tel Aviv in Israël, at the heart of the biggest start-up nation, and she is studying International Business and Entrepreneurship at the College of Management Academic Studies (Rishon Lezion), at the same time as being intern at Pink of View where she works as Business Developer. 

EDC paris Business School has entrepreneurship at the core of its DNA. This "will create" makes of the school a reference amid the french leaders of entrepreneurship. Its students are known for their culture and their positive vision of the entrepreneurial spirit that they employ for themselves or for the companies they work for.