General Principles

  1. Weight  obesity is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer

  2. Alcohol Intake ,so is excessive alcohol use .A safe level for women is no more than 1 -2 units of alcohol per week

  3. Smoking , there is increasing evidence that smoking contributes to breast cancer risk

  4. Diet ,apart from the link between excess weight due to excess calories the quality of the diet contributes to breast cancer risk. A healthy diet consists of a good mixture of fruit and vegetables as a major component of the diet with limited amounts of animal fats ,including fats from dairy products

  5. Physical activity, apart from its role in weight control regular physical activity contributes to general health and does play a role in reduction of cancer risk in general. Do moderate exercise at least 3 times per week

  6. Hormonal Use. There is mounting evidence that prolonged use of hormonal therapy among women contributes to breast cancer risk, particularly when using combined oestrogen plus progestrogen therapy.These products may include certain hormonal contraceptives and also hormones used for treating menopausal symptoms. The general principle should be the lowest dose of hormone that is effective for the least amount of time. For contraception your doctor and/or your health /contraceptive clinic should be able to advise you regarding safest options

  7. Breast feeding. Breastfeeding has a protective effect. Not only is it best for baby it is also best for you.If you are still actively having a family please try to breastfeed until your child is weaned.

  8. Family History/ Genes. While there is nothing much you can do to change your heredity, if there is a strong family history or a known genetic mutation such as BRACA 1 or BRACA 2  in your family try to determine your own genetic risk in more detail. Mutations are not inevitably inherited and it is worth knowing your own status so that you can at least consider specific risk reduction strategies that are available and to follow enhanced screening programmes  where necessary