It is taken for granted that for various diseases, early detection saves lives, millions every year.

However, early detection would involve massive medical tests for an ever-increasing number of people, an almost impossible challenge in terms of resources, logistics and mass education for awareness.


Self Disease Risk Assessment (SDRA) application could make the challenge affordable by adjusting medical tests to the individual's risk level.

Each individual could use the application in order to determine his/her risk of developing one or more diseases, and will then follow the recommendations for medical tests and follow-up procedures. Accordingly, high risk individuals could undergo focused tests with adjusted programs.

This will significantly increase early detection and reduce the overall load on the medical systems.


Our global aim is to reduce both mortality and morbidity through the transformation of ‘disease management’ into ‘health management’. Supported by the health care system, individuals will be urged to take responsibility for monitoring  their own health, control their risks and taking necessary actions on time We aim to create incentives from health care system   that  can push them to lead a healthy lifestyle


In order to achieve this mission, Pink of View will provide a SDRA application suite, serving various levels – individuals, physicians, clinics, HMO, Governments, Care givers, and Insurance companies.

The application will be based on both a one-time questionnaire (baseline definition) and therefore should be elaborated ongoing control that may include test data.

The application will be generic, using standard smartphones and online interface for consumers as well as for professionals.


In the near future, Pink of View will focus on breast cancer, with the intention of setting a new standard and leading this specific market. At a later stage, further diseases, markets and technologies will be considered.